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Common Error: Misusing "advice" and "advise"

Welcome again to Mistake Monday! Our error this week is pretty quick, but I even noticed it in my classes one or two times this past week. Let’s look:

Common Error: Misuse of “advice” and “advise”
DON’T say this: This problem is urgent, so please advice me on what to do.
This is my advise: you should quit medical school and start a band!
Can you give me an advice?
WHY? -This is an easy-to-solve problem: advice (with a C) is a noun, and advise (with an S) is a verb.

-Additionally, advice is a non-count noun. That means that you can’t say “an” advice, since it can’t be counted. Instead, you can make it plural (“some advice“) or if you want to “count” it, you could say “a piece of advice.”

-For pronunciation, at least in American English: 
    -advice is pronounced with an “/s/” sound
    -advise is pronounced with a “/z/” sound

INSTEAD, SAY THIS: -“This problem is urgent, so please advise me on what to do.”
-“This is my advice: you should quit medical school and start a band!”
-“Can you give me some advice?” OR
-“Can you give me a piece of advice?”

So, that’s it for today. I’ll be happy to advise you if you have any more questions about this common error. Or, if you have any other questions or suggestions, please leave a comment or contact us. Thanks for reading!
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