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Fun Friday: Two Ideas

Today I wanted to share two interesting things you can do to have a good time while practicing English:

1. Play Scramble

(Image from game’s iTunes page)
If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, this is a fun little game that you can play with friends (or even with me… look up my name or send me an email if you want to start a game with me). It’s very similar to a game called Boggle, where have two minutes to find words by connecting letters. I’ve been playing it with some friends, and it’s pretty fun (and a little addictive). You can find it on iOS/iTunes here, and a similar game on Android phones here.
2. Check out Costa Rica Outsider

I recently started this website about Costa Rica. It’s not a tourism website, but it does talk about strange and interesting aspects of Costa Rican life. Since many of Sitzman ABC’s readers either live in Costa Rica or have visited (or would like to visit), the site may be interesting for you. I’ve written about local customs, the president’s visit, Easter week, and even Juan Santamaría. If you have any comments or suggestions for posts, or if you’d even like to write a guest post yourself, please tell me. You can find the site by clicking here, or you can also follow or “like” it on Facebook or Twitter if you prefer.

So, that should keep you busy for the rest of the weekend! Have a good one, and thanks for reading!

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