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Hearing, Part 2

Many thanks to my beautiful wife Angela, who very reluctantly allowed me to take this picture of hear ear for today’s post!

Hello, and happy Word Wednesday! Today I wanted to share a bit of vocabulary related to hearing and ears.

The most basic word here is ear, which are the organs on the side of your face that help you hear. The bottom part of the ear is called the earlobe. That’s the part that many people pierce so that they can wear earrings. In the picture above, you can see Angela’s earring in her earlobe. She got her ears pierced when she was about seven years old. In her case, her sister pierced her ear with a needle, but it’s also very common these days for girls to get their ears pierced at a store that uses a piercing gun.
So, what can you do with your ears? Most people can hear and listen with them (see the post from Monday for an explanation about when to use these two words). Synonyms for hear and listen can include “listen up” and “pay attention.”  If you hear someone say something but the person wasn’t specifically talking to you, then you overhear something. If you are deliberately spying on other people and listening to their conversation without their permission, you are snooping or eavesdropping.

Q-tips (cotton swabs). (Image Credit)

But what if your ears get dirty? Most people clean them with a Q-tip (which is a brand name for a cotton swab). But be careful! Supposedly, according to overprotective mothers all over the world, you shouldn’t stick a Q-tip too far into your ear or you’ll break your ear drum, one of the parts of your inner ear that helps you hear!

Finally, if you are exceptionally talented, you can wiggle your ears. “To wiggle” means to move a little bit. Watch this short clip from one of my favorite movies, The Goonies. The big man, named “Sloth,” can wiggle his ears:


Let’s review the words we covered today. Can you explain what each of these words means? If not, read the post again. The definitions are at the bottom of the post.
Words for today:
1. hearing
2. ear
3. earlobe
4. to pierce / to get a piercing
5. earring
6. to hear
7. to listen
8. to overhear
9. to spy
10. to snoop
11. to eavesdrop
12. Q-tip
13. inner ear
14. ear drum
15. to wiggle
Could you define those words? If not, check the post again. Here are some suggested definitions for these words.
Suggested Definitions:
1. hearing – interpreting sound; the general name for the sense 
2. ear – the visible part of your body’s hearing organs
3. earlobe – the lowest part of your ear
4. to pierce / to get a piercing – to perforate a part of your body for decoration
5. earring – a decoration in a pierced ear
6. to hear – (see Monday’s post)
7. to listen – (see Monday’s post)
8. to overhear – to hear unintentionally
9. to spy – unauthorized listening to other people’s conversations
10. to snoop – synonym of “spy”
11. to eavesdrop – synonym of “spy”
12. Q-tip – a cotton swab; a stick with pieces of cotton at both ends
13. inner ear – the interior parts of your body’s hearing organs
14. ear drum – part of the inner ear
15. to wiggle – to move a little bit
I hope that vocabulary was helpful! If you have any comments or questions, I’d love to hear from you! Thanks for reading, and have a great night!
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