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Senses: Final Review

When I drink coffee, it activates all five of my senses (and sometimes even my sixth sense: the ability to find more coffee). If coffee doesn’t do the same thing for you, you’re probably doing it wrong. (Picture by Ryan Sitzman)
Good evening! Last Friday we finished our last post related to the five senses. It’s taken a few months, though, since it was a pretty complicated topic to talk about. So, I decided that for today’s post, I’d just give a complete overview of all the other posts, so that you can have them all in one place and you can check any you might have missed.

The Five Senses

This post introduced the topic, and also included a video that briefly explained how to use the sense words.
Sight Post 1Common Error. This post talked about how to use the words look at, see, and watch.
Sight Post 2: Vision Vocabulary. This talked about all sorts of words related to sight and vision.
Sight Post 3: Video. A video of Johnny Nash’s song “I Can See Clearly Now.”
Hearing Post 1: Mistake Monday. This post examined the difference between the words listen and hear.
Hearing Post 2: Hearing Vocabulary. All sorts of vocabulary related to hearing and ears.
Hearing Post 3: Podcasts. A list of my top 5 favorite podcasts to practice listening skills.
Hearing Post 4: Common Error. Another common error post, this time about hear and sound.
Smell Post 1: Vocabulary. Words related to smelling and smells.
Smell Post 2: Videos. Two videos related to “smells.”
Taste Post 1: Common Error. A post explaining the difference between taste, try, test, and prove.
Taste Post 2: Vocabulary. All sorts of vocabulary related to taste.
Touch Post 1: Common Error. The difference between touch and feel.
Touch Post 2: “Good” Touch Vocabulary
Touch Post 3: “Neutral” Touch Vocabuarly
Touch Post 4: “Bad” Touch Vocabulary

So, that’s a lot of posts and a lot of information! If you’ve been following the series you obviously don’t need to read all of these again, but it could be good to review some time in the future if you ever have any questions or problems related to the senses. 
And as usual, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to tell me.
As always, thanks for reading, and have a great week!

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