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Two Useful English Links

Good afternoon, everyone!
I want to share two more English-language links with you. The first one is called “China 232.” Despite the name, it’s actually a site with English-learning podcasts. The site has two areas: “normal” and “VIP.” The VIP part costs money and has more resources, but free normal section is also quite good. The site is done by two Canadian brothers living in China, and their English is very clear. Typically, they pick a topic, present a short dialogue, and explain some of the important vocabulary in the dialogue. Their latest topic was Facebook, actually.
My coworker Lidio showed me another site a few days ago. It’s called “Qwiki,” and it’s a sort of interactive Wikipedia with videos, pictures, and spoken text. The voice you hear definitely sounds robotic, but it’s still interesting to check out, and a good place to start if you’re looking for information or just curious about new things. Here’s an article about Niagara Falls to get you started. Check it out!
So, good luck with these links. If you have comments, questions, or other good links you want to suggest, please tell us!
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