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Verb Exercise Answers

Hello! Today I want to go over the answers from the Bryan Adams song on Monday (and last Friday, too!). I’ll divide the verbs into two parts, regular and irregular. I’ll also include:
1-the infinitive (“basic”) form of the verb in simple present 
2-the simple past form of the verb 
3-the past participle
Remember that for regular verbs, 2 and 3 are the same (that’s why they’re called regular). For now, don’t worry too much about the past participles. The song uses almost exclusively simple past verbs, and we’ll focus on the participles and how to use them another day. 
So, here are the verbs from the song (in the order they appear in the song):
Regular Verbs:
play – played – played
try – tried – tried
look – looked – looked
seem – seemed – seemed
last – lasted – lasted
want – wanted – wanted
complain – complained – complained
wait – waited – waited
kill – killed – killed
need – needed – needed
guess – guessed – guessed
change – changed – changed
wonder – wondered – wondered
Irregular Verbs:
get – got – gotten/got*
buy – bought – bought
bleed – bled – bled
(to be) – was/were – been
have – had – had
quit – quit – quit
know – knew – known
do – did – done
spend – spent – spent
meet – met – met
stand – stood – stood
tell – told – told
hold – held – held
unwind – unwound – unwound
come – came – come
go – went – gone
think – thought – thought
Well, that’s it for today! On Friday I’d like to continue talking about verbs, but I may do something different. Or I suppose I can make it a surprise, and you’ll have to check back on Sitzman ABC on Friday to see!
Thanks for reading, and have a great night!
*As a past participle for the verb get, “gotten” is more common in American English, and “got” is more common in British English.

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